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January 15th 2019
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Everyday is a day for paella @the ot and we like to serve it your way, our way and any which way we can. This dish originating from the region of Valencia can divide and conquer many a table with the discussion of what exactly should be in paella, we aren’t claiming to be experts at all, our chefs just love to cook ( and eat )  it ! This dish takes a bit or preparation and needs time for those flavours to sink in so let us know if you are in a rush or if time allows let us pour you a manzanilla, tease the tastebuds with a classic bruschetta or a few olives and you sit back and relax while we get your paella ready. To make it even more tempting EVERY  Wednesday and Sunday we offer a complimentary 1/2 litre carafe of house wine with each pan of paella for 2 served !!!