Mornings at The Olive Tree

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October 20th 2020
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New to the Olive Tree! After a quiet launch for a few weeks, we’re delighted to make it official; we’re introducing a few light bites and extending our opening hours, starting at 9am!

From 9am to 11am we’re offering our usual (and exceptional) coffee sourced from the girls and guys @aromateacoffeesy1 as well as two continental snacks:

Provided by local baker Alison from @labonneparisienne. These morning luxuries can come with jams, cheese, Spanish summer sausage, or 🍫 at an extra cost.

🍮Tarte de Santiago🍮
Provided by us 🤗 this is a Spanish almond tart lightly dusted in powdered sugar, and it’s gluten-free and dairy-free 😇

Feel free to take these to-go if you #WFH, and take your coffee too ☕ We’ve teamed-up with the reusable and local @shrewscup so Frankwell can get their daily fix on the go in an environmentally responsible fashion ♻️

There’s no bookings necessary; feel free to pop-in. We’ll get you seated and enjoying the finer morning-delights in no time. See our Specials Boards for further information and pricing.