Holiday Hours

Post by The Olive Tree
December 8th 2020
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We’re in the thick of the holiday season now, and with Tier 2 guidelines thrown in the mix it’s all getting a bit confusing who/when/where/ how to make your reservations for dining-in. If you haven’t made your reservation yet, see the attached poster for our Holiday hours, and make sure your reservation adheres to Tier 2 guidelines.

To make matters more confusing – there’s a chance the tier system in Shropshire will be reviewed by next week; there’s potential we can go into Tier 1 and if we do, The Olive Tree can take reservations from more than single-household groups (but the rule of 6 still applies). And that’s great news. We recommend multi-house groups to hold their nerve; there’s yet a chance for you to dine with us for the holidays 🙂

OT XMAS hours